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切手売り・続き - tale 2010/2/16(Tue.)
A story I heard is that
foreigners who came to Japan and take trains notice that
announcement is too polite and so a jar. However I dont take
Japanese people as such. I think it is too polite, too.

Announcement of unfamiliar staion awoke me. I heard Momoyamada-i,
and I got angry, apart from the English pronunciation which is
surely inserted intonation and can be taken what make fool of us.
But apart from abjection which French tend to have, I got over
the station I was to get off.

Now (I tried to forget the mistake) instead of changing train right
now, I will go to the last station and enjoy landscape through
window. I got there earlier than I expected, and I notice the station
is out of the area of my communication ticket so I had to pay more
money to get off the station. I was at a loss. I got the train which
I had just got off.

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